You know we're here to help you with the Lean Six Sigma methodology, but did you know we provide targeted sessions to help your team ignite process improvement and innovation? Read the descriptions of the workshops below. Then, reach out to set up an appointment to set up your personalized sessions as stand-alone or as enhancement to your Kaizen events or your Lean Six Sigma training and certification sessions.

  • Leadership -  How prepared are your executives, managers, and front line staff to lead themselves and others to simplify and achieve your organization's goals and objectives? We guide teams to develop skills such as self-awareness, resilience, and communication to empower participants to achieve individual and organizational goals. “Leadership is a process of social influence, which maximizes the efforts of others, towards the achievement of a goal.” ~ Kevin Kruse, CEO of LEADx and author of Great Leaders Have No Rules
  • Team Facilitation and Change Management -  It is often assumed people have basic skills and methodology to implement change, but people aren’t born leaders. Effective leaders develop skills to influence others, coordinate workflow, and drive change that simplifies day-to-day work and frees time to achieve and innovate.  In this workshop participants develop specific skills that contribute to creating a positive and impactful culture of change and growth in any organization.
  • Data Utilization Strategies - In a world of big data, collecting the data you need and converting it to a useful format for analysis and understanding is challenging. Ishikawa’s seven (7) basic tools provide a good foundation, but there are instances where a check sheet and a scatter diagram simply aren’t enough. In this interactive workshop participants learn to utilize basic technology tools, such as Microsoft Excel, to compile data, perform effective statistical analysis, and create useful images and reports to communicate with constituents.
  • Value Stream - The fundamentals of Lean include mapping the flow of products and services as well as the value created for the customer. This targeted workshop affords participants the opportunity to develop skills to create and interpret Value Stream Maps. This skillset is an effective tool for problem identification and prioritization, as well as for project selection and recognizing the theory of constraints.
  • 5S - Ever frustrated because you can’t find what you need, such as a tool or material, when you need it? Does a lack of organization frustrate you? In this workshop participants learn about 5S, a tool and a practice that positions teams and organizations to eliminate the challenges of lost or missing tools/materials, to avoid extraneous time spent searching for tools/materials, and to reduce the amount of space needed for effective and efficient day-to-day operations, and more.
  • Innovation - Ever feel like your organization is stuck in a rut? Do you struggle getting “outside the box” to discover creative solutions to work problems? Organizations get trapped by day-to-day operations when looking for solutions to reduce or eliminate the root cause of a problem. Just like the three rules of real estate are “location, location, location,” the three rules of innovation are “copy, copy, copy.” This workshop introduces participants to specific tools and systems that make it that simple to spark new ideas and creativity.