One of Hollingsworth Consulting’s clients set out to simplify the process of placing orders for its customers. Using the Lean Six Sigma methodology, facilitated by Brad of Hollingsworth Consulting, the team reduced the time for placing orders from almost three weeks to under a week.

The lengthy process for processing orders was analyzed from reviewing the form utilized to how it was completed and submitted. Once the root causes for the cumbersome process were identified, Brad coached the team as they identified solutions and implemented them.

Using the implemented solutions, the average time from initiation to completion dropped from an average of 18 days to five (5) days. In addition to the improved order process, the process improvement team also created tools to ensure understanding and consistency in its use adding further value to the improvement project.

The end users of the order system stated the improved process decreased barriers for getting products into their customers’ hands. In addition to customer satisfaction, staff morale improved. Staff boasted ease of the process and less ambiguity, which results in fewer incorrect orders and quicker customer response times.

“Active participation in the problem-solving process from cross-functional team members is key to the success of a Kaizen event,” Hollingworth shared. He went on to explain that Kaizen is a Japanese word for continuous improvement that is part of the Lean Six Sigma methodology and related tools. You can read more about Kaizen here.