Leadership Expert Michael Hyatt shares the number 1 mistake leaders make in this blog.

“During a crisis, leaders tend to hyperfocus on managing the threat and neglect long-range thinking. That’s a mistake because vision is critical both for evaluating short-term decisions and for creating a better future.”

It feels counterintuitive to spend energy on “longe-range” thinking when the “threat” is immediate. The crisis significantly impacts our customers and drastically changes the way we operate. It is human nature to react and take action.

Art Markman addresses decision-making in his article, “Slow Down to Make Better Decisions in a Crisis.” He notes, "those quick actions may reduce some of your anxiety in the short-run, but they are likely to create more problems than they solve."

Hyatt suggests that you’ll need a vision because people will look to you for direction. This reminds me of words from a former colleague, Kim Tatman. She believes optimism is a crucial element of resilience. The optimism generates hope. People need your direction guided by optimism and the hope accompanying it to recover or adjust.

The Covid-19 pandemic has certainly impacted your customers and the way you operate. Here are four simple questions to help you begin long-range thinking:

  1. What are those impacts to your customers?
  2. What drastic changes have you made to the way you operate?
  3. What opportunities do you see when we exit this crisis?
  4. What vision are you sharing with your people?

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